How it works

Founded in Abu Dhabi by executives with extensive backgrounds in Finance and Technology, the Emirates Financials marketplace lending platform is dedicated to helping dependable borrowers.

Our motivation was fueled by our observation that traditional lending channels increasingly seemed unwilling or unable to serve as lenders to individuals and small businesses. Interest rates may have been low, but the money was not flowing into our economy as it should have.

We resolved to do something about the situation and created a marketplace lending platform with two objectives at heart. The first was to provide borrowers with a positive experience when obtaining personal loans with a process that is clear, fast and fair. The second was to offer a well-vetted choice of investment opportunities that provide the chance to achieve favorable risk-adjusted returns.

Finally, the Emirates Financials marketplace lending platform does not incur the overhead costs associated with formal brick-and-mortar lending institutions. These savings can be passed on to borrowing and lending clients in a transparent way.

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